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Can I Compost Vacuum Cleaner Lint?

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vacuum-fluffYou might be able to compost vacuum cleaner lint – it just depends what the lint is made from.

Regular hoover lint is usually a combination of dust, pet fur & human hair, skin flakes, bits of soil & other dirt etc – that can all go in the compost heap. Tip it out of the bag (if it’s in one) so it can spread around and breakdown quicker. (You also might be able to reuse the bag.)

However, if you’ve used any chemicals during the cleaning process (such as carpet fresheners), you should probably avoid composting it for risk of causing a chemical overload in your heap.

If you’ve also just got new carpets with a high synthetic fibre content, they are likely to be shedding loose fibres for a while – probably best not to add those loads to your compost heap until they’ve settled down a bit. Fibres from wool/wool-heavy carpets are fine though.

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  1. I found your website while searching for something related to my niche and just wanted to let you know what a great idea for a website this is :) Not a big pro at composting – usually only leaves until now, but thanks to your site i will try a few more things. Great work!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I didn’t know I can put my Hoover bag insides to the compost pile. Thought the dust is too unnatural since you can’t see it in the nature outside.

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