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Can I Compost Wrapping paper/gift wrap?

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wrapping-paperYou might be able to compost wrapping paper – it depends on the paper and what has been used to hold it together.

Foil-based gift wrap or other plasticky wrap should definitely be avoided.

Wrapping paper is usually glossy and dyed with coloured inks so shouldn’t be composted as the ink can be toxic in a compost heap – the paper is usually so fine you’re unlikely to get much compost bulk out of it anyway.

Plainer wrapping paper with a less ink-heavy design could go in the compost heap – but don’t include it if it’s still got a lot of sellotape/sticky tape or plastic ribbons attached to it: the paper will breakdown but the plastic tape/ribbons won’t.

In brief then, some gift wrap can be composted but mostly it’s best to leave it out.

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