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Can I Compost Rabbit Droppings & Bedding?

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rabbit-droppingsYes, you can compost rabbit droppings & their bedding (assuming their bedding is something like paper, straw or woodshavings).

As vegetarian animals, rabbit poop from healthy rabbits does not pose a significant health risk (unlike meat-eating animals like cats and dogs) so it can be added to the compost heap.

Do take care though: do not overload your compost with pure poo – it’ll struggle to break down in a giant pile on its own. Mix it with drier bulking agents like newspaper, leaves or cardboard egg cartons – or with the woodshavings/straw from their bedding. A compost heap should be no more than 25% rabbit droppings.

Droppings from unhealthy animals should not be composted, to avoid potential spread of their illness. For that reason, it is often advised not to compost rabbit droppings from wild animals in case they are ill.

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  1. We use wood stove pellets, and hay for our rabbit litter. Can we compost the urine soaked wood pellets?

  2. I was worried that the hay/straw mixed with bunny poo would take a long time to break down but having read your recommendations I intend to give it a try.
    Update later.

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