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Can I Compost Fruit juice?

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orange_juiceYes, you can compost fruit juice and leftover pulp from juicing – but don’t compost leftover smoothies.

Moisture is an essential part of the composting process and that can come from fruit juices as well as water.

Add it to the centre of the pile if you can and/or stir it into the compost so it can be soaked up by drier “browns” deep within the heap.

Avoid overwetting the heap in general though – if your heap is on the damp side already, add some of those browns – newspaper, cardboard or fallen leaves – to soak up the excess wetness.

Don’t compost smoothies though if they’ve been made with yogurt or other dairy products in case they attract rats or other unwanted visitors to your compost heap.

In the future, why not freeze the juice or smoothies into ice cubes or ice lollies before it goes off? There are more idea for using up close-to-going-off juice on Recycle This.

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