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pet-furYes, whether it’s from clipping, combing or just shedding, you can compost pet fur.

Stir it into the heap so that it doesn’t get blown around your garden.

If you’re adding a lot, it’s twice as important to stir it in: if you leave it in one spot, it might become compacted, rot down less efficiently and also potentially cut off the airflow to the rest of the heap.

Don’t forget though that just because your pampered pet is finished with its fluff, birds and wildlife might still find it useful: hang a handful of pet hair in an old net at nesting time so they can take what they need. (An old onion net or similar is perfect.)

(Picture of my mum & dad’s very, very fluffy cat Holly)

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  1. My cat has had frontline treatment to fight fleas. Is it still ok to compost her fur?

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