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Can I Compost Human faeces?

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a wooden stoolNo, don’t compost human poo in your own garden compost heap.

While the faeces of some animals (like chickens, pigeons and pet rodents) can be added to the compost heap, the pathogens and bacteria found in human poop is less likely to be broken down by the normal composting process (particular in climates like the UK) so it would present a health risk.

It is also likely to attract undesirable insects and cause a bit of a whiff during decomposition – not something most people want in their garden or at their allotment.

If you want to go down the number two route, it’s better to have a purpose-built composting toilet.

(For perhaps obvious reasons, we didn’t want to use a picture of actual poo here! Other pictures considered were a stick, a log, a loaf and someone dropping their children off at a swimming pool. Other suggestions welcome :) )

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