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Can I Compost Pasta?

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pastaNo, you should probably not compost leftover pasta.

While even uncooked pasta will rot down quite quickly once it’s got a bit wet, it might attract rats or other vermin to your compost heap in the meantime – especially if it’s been cooked with eggs or cooked with meats, oils or sauces.

Use it up rather than throwing it away – leftover pasta makes a quick lunch as a frittata or it can be added to soups or stews. Poultry and other birds, and some dogs, also enjoy it as a treat.

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  1. YES! You can compost pasta! Cooked or uncooked!

  2. YES. As long as you have a closed bin you can compost pasta. Ideally use a hot composter with lid and base plate to keep pests away.

  3. This post and your reply has been quite a while back but… I had a dream where my mom was planting trees and other stuff. And she had put raw pasta around the stem in the surface!
    Well, just learned for the first time that we can use the cooking water of pasta to nurture the plants but raw?! So here am I…

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