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Can I Compost Face pads/Facial wipes?

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facial-wipesNo, you can’t compost disposable face cleansing pads or facial wipes.

Like with wet wipes, there are a couple of issues here.

Firstly, the pads themselves may be a mixture of natural (paper or cotton) and synthetic materials – depending on the purpose of the pads, the synthetic materials may be added to make the pad more durable, more absorbent or softer to the touch. Synthetic fibres will not break down in a compost heap (though they will break up in time – dispersing little tiny synthetic fibres amongst your lovely compost).

The pads/wipes are also impregnated with chemicals – some of which may be problematic in the garden or in the case of isopropyl alcohol or other antibacterial agents, disrupting the friendly composting microbes in the heap itself.

It is possible to buy or make washable facepads for use with your own skincare products. If these are 100% cotton (which they often are), they can be composted when they reach the end of their lifespan.

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