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Can I Compost Napkins (Serviettes)?

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napkinsYou might be able to compost paper napkins (serviettes).

Like kitchen roll or tissues, paper napkins will break down quickly in a compost heap but if they have been used to soak up things on the “don’t compost” list (like oils or meat juices), don’t compost them in case the smell attracts rats or other unwanted visitors to the heap. A little wipe of grease or spot of ketchup shouldn’t alright but avoid composting anything strongly scented.

If you’re adding a lot of napkins (or other paper products), make sure you balance your heap by adding some “greens, such as grass cuttings, veg scraps or coffee grounds – that’ll help your heap rot down more efficiently and result in a richer compost.

Don’t forget, it’s better to reduce the amount of waste you produce rather than just recycling or composting at the end of it. Avoid picking up excess napkins in cafes or coffee shops, and if you can, switch to washable cloth napkins at home.

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