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Can I Compost Grass clippings?

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lawn-clippingsYes, you certainly can compost grass clippings.

Assuming your lawn has not been completely and utterly saturated in weedkillers and other chemicals, grass cuttings are great for a compost heap: they add lots of good “green” material, include valuable moisture and break down quickly.

But don’t add them in layers more than 6inches (15cm) thick as they can pack together very densely and cut down the air flow to and around the rest of the heap – which slows down the composting process and can make it smell bad too. If you’ve got a lot to compost, mix them into the heap rather than leaving them to sit on the top. Also make sure your heap has plenty of browns in it too – cardboard, egg boxes, dried leaves – to help prevent it becoming too compact.

Wet grass clippings can be especially dense – best to wait for them to dry if you can before adding them into the mix.

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