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Can I Compost Egg boxes?

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egg-boxYes, egg boxes can be composted.

They’re a good addition to a heap, especially one that is heavy with “greens“- the structure of the cardboard can heap aerate a heavy heap and the cardboard can help soak up excess moisture.

They do need some moisture to break down though – if your heap is dry, splosh some water on them and/or tear them up if you want them to rot down quicker.

Also see: if you’d prefer to reuse them instead of composting them, see “how can I reuse or recycle egg boxes? on Recycle This for ideas.

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  1. Egg boxes increasingly have irremovable plastic(y) labels covering most of the top. Not too much of a problem as the boxes need to be broken up anyway, but I thought it worth the note.

  2. Great info! This would be very helpful.

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