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Can I Compost Melon?

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melonYes, you can compost melons – be they honey dew, galia or watermelons.

The flesh will compost down very quickly but the thicker rind will take a bit longer – cut it into pieces if you want it to rot down quicker or disappear into the bulk of the compost.

If you’ve got a whole melon to compost, definitely cut it up into chunks or slices first.

(Some birds like pecking at the rinds to remove the last of the flesh – if you have regular visitors to your bird feeder, or keep chickens, try hanging the rind up near their food for a couple of days — they might reduce the amount of melon that needs composting.)

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  1. My mum is wondering if watermelon seeds will grow in compost due to richness, it was suggested to me to not put tomato seeds or pumpkin seeds in lest they take over the garden when compost is distributed. Just wondering if melons are likely to do the same thing??

  2. I have been digging the watermelon skin and rind into a one foot soil to enable the water melon to decompose and become a natural fertiliser to my papaya plants

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