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Can I Compost Aubergines (Eggplants)?

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aubergineYes, you can compost aubergines/eggplants.

The skin can be pretty tough though so split them open to give all the composting microbes access to the fleshy interior.

If you’ve grown your own, you can compost aubergine plants but some people advise against it. As they’re part of the same family, they can have some of the same problems as composting tomato plants — common diseases/molds are often not broken down in a single composting cycle and the bugs/spores can linger in the compost and reinfection anything from the same family (including bell peppers & chillis and potatoes as well as tomatoes and aubergines). Definitely avoid composting any unhealthy fruits or plants – but some people choose not to compost any of the plants, just in case.

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