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Can I Compost Cake?

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cakeNo, cake shouldn’t be composted

It doesn’t matter whether it is sponge, pastry or fruit/mousse-based like in the picture – it won’t add a lot of nutrients or bulk to your compost heap and while it will rot down quite quickly, they might attract rats or other vermin to your compost heap in the meantime. The reward isn’t worth the risk.

Instead, use it up – even dry or going stale sponge cake can be turned into treats. Use in a trifle, as part of a pie biscuit crust or bake them into biscotti or sweet croutons. For more ideas, see our Recycle This page about things to do with old cake.

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  1. Sure you can compost old cake. I do my gardening in plastic barrels, and it all goes in there. Frosting, butter, cream cheese might take longer, but eventually the critters will eat it. I buya small container of worms from the bait shop every year and toss em in there. Just be sure to add a little dirt now and then on top. And then have patience. It will all eventually decompose.

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