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Can I Compost Biscuits (cookies) or Crackers?

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M4011M-1402No, biscuits (cookies) or crackers shouldn’t be composted.

While they will rot down quite quickly, they might attract rats or other vermin to your compost heap in the meantime. Biscuits/cookies or crackers don’t add enough bulk or nutrients to a heap to make it worth taking that risk.

Don’t forget to keep biscuits/cookies and crackers in an air-tight tin to keep them in tip-top condition, and save you needing to throw them out in the first place.

If you make your own biscuits – but don’t get through them fast enough, consider a freezer biscuit recipe so you only bake them as you need them.

Stale (or softened) crackers can be used for toppings for pies and other things: see our “non-cracking crackers” page on “Recycle This” for more information.

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