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Can I Compost Courgettes and marrows?

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courgettesYes, you can compost courgettes, whether you call them that or zucchinis, marrows or summer squash.

Courgettes/zucchinis will compost down quite quickly but the thicker rind of marrows will take a bit longer – cut it into pieces if you want it to rot down quicker or disappear into the bulk of the compost.

If you’ve got a marrow to compost, cut it up into chunks or slices first to encourage faster composting; baby marrows and courgettes will rot down quickly enough without needing to be chopped up.

If you grow your own veg, the mature seeds can be scooped out of marrows for planting the following season – just two or three plants will keep a family in courgettes for the season.

Turn spare courgettes or marrows into chutneys, jams or even breads if you get bored of ratatouille! Some people also use marrows to make rum (aka farmyard hooch!) – but if you try that, you’re a braver soul than I am!

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