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Can I Compost Bindweed?

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bindweedNo, don’t compost bindweed.

Bindweed, whether an undesired weed or a desired pretty flower, shouldn’t be composted because it’s so dang determined to regrow.

The tough, creeping roots can regrow from a small fragment just an couple of inches long and it is aggressively self-seeding, with each plant producing up to 500 seeds which can remain viable for 20-30 years!

Even if your compost heap is hot/efficient enough to break down the roots, the seeds can hang around in the compost once you’ve spread it back on the garden and voilà, bindweed a go go.

It’s just not worth the risk.

(CC-SA photo by Fabelfroh)

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1 Comment

  1. I accept that bindweed is aggressively committed to its own survival, so I certainly don’t try to compost it in my own heap. However, I am tempted to put it (along with stinging nettles) into the green bin that the local council provides for composting garden waste. Am I then storing up trouble for those who buy the council’s soil improver?

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