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Composting – Quick Guides


We have a number of quick composting guides to get you started on the right track – and to keep you there.


  • How to get started composting – the basic hows and whys. If you’re just starting off, this is a great overview for you.
  • Composting FAQ and Troubleshooting – from setting up to running your compost heap and troubleshooting specific issues that might occur.
  • Greens and Browns – what do composters (including us!) mean when they/we talk about “greens” and “browns”? This short guide should provide an explanation.
  • [Coming Soon] Compost Heap or Compost Bin – what’s best for you? – a detailed comparison of the different options to help you find what is right for you and your home.

And don’t forget to make sure you’re only composting the right stuff: